Visualize Your Next Steps.

WHYIf it’s hard for you to commit, do this.

PROVEN TO WORKDo it back to back, for a few days.
Right in a row. 

Every day. A week. A month. A year.

FIRST STAGEImagine you are waking up 3 months from now if you got rid of and let go of beliefs that limit you. The beliefs that control you and hold you back. This is your life if you didn’t have them anymore, if you chose to let go. This means you’re letting go of the sabotaging behaviors and habits too. 


Imagine you are waking up and walk through your entire day; from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. And deeply connect to the emotions of the experience. Notice how you feel. 


SECOND STAGEI want you to imagine waking up 5y from now. You’ve officially full-on let go of the beliefs that hold you back. As you look back on the 5y of your life, what have you created for yourself because you were able to step out of those beliefs and stop allowing them to control you? What did you go for? What did you accomplish? What relationships do you have now? How do you feel? What are your finances like?


THIRD STAGEI want you to leap 10y into your future. This is not even a question anymore. This is just who you are. Walk over to a mirror. This version of you looks younger, more alive, more energized. Can you see glow and sparkle in their eyes? As you look back on the 10y of your life, what did you accomplish? What became possible for you because you did not allow these beliefs to control you anymore? An entire decade. What things and people surround you? What kind of life did you create because you decided to shift and let go of the unsupportive beliefs? 


After you spend some time here, I want you to make your choice right now.

NOW  Imagine seeing both (your version before and the one here) side-by-side and decide which one you’re choosing. Step into that fully. How powerful of you to show up on this path as promised and let the other version fade away into black and white. 

This is your new identity.