Get Unstuck.

THE ONLY THINGthat helps me get un—stuck 
is to remember; 

God works through people.
You’re a person.

Let’s say something’s been on your mind.

It’s on your heart. Allow it [the God, force, energy] to work through you. You are just the vessel through which the idea manifests. 

It runs from the source through your brain and heart until it is happening. That’s powerful. Remember, you’re a very good listener. You are executing exactly on what you’re being told. The voice inside of you. The second you make it about you your insecurities start to show up and you start overthinking, overcomplicating things, but you don’t have to. 

When you get you out of the equation, and you just do your thing. Open your mouth and speak. Create that. Other people are helped. Get in service. Start that business. Whatever it is. Let it begin.

SO“Realize that feeling is always going to be there, but— it’s not about you. Get out of your own way. And, show up.”

Sometimes, I make it about me. 
And I get in my own way. And I stay stuck. 

Until I remember this.