Get the Relationship YouWant.

WHYIt is not by pulling back.
It is not by acting disinterested.
It is not by pretending you’re busy.

It is by loving with your entire heart.

It is by being vulnerable. It is by risking looking dumb. It is by risking getting your heart broken. It is by risking getting rejected. It is actually how you get the love that you want. This is how you get the relationship that you want.

We need to stop following the famous ‘runner—chaser’ put up a couple walls before situationship even starts mentality. It might get you the high, but it won’t get you the depth you’re looking for. 

The point is being so okay with yourself and so regulated within yourself that you trust wholeheartedly you will be okay regardless. You will be okay if you get left. You will be okay if your love gets rejected. You will be okay

There is always a great risk with a great reward. Of course, it is scary. But the reward is winding up in a relationship where you are completely yourself, you are completely vulnerable, and safe. You are connected. To who you are and to this next best version of yourself you get to create alongside someone you trust. It makes the whole process way faster and way more fun. This is  why you’re entering this relationship either way. Because you know you couldn’t get on this next level of life on your own.

ANDMaybe it doesn’t work with the first one. OR, the next five. Just start being so okay with being you. Because this can be the whole world to somebody some day. And that’s the connection you want. 

No games. No calculations. No ‘doing this right and doing this wrong’. None of that exists when it is right. You can just be you.

Stop listening to apps and whatnot’s.

Run the risk.

Because the reward is the whole point of life, honestly. 

And, it’s beautiful.